Calabar Youth Council for Women's Rights

About Us

We’re a youth non-profit organization that seeks to end Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria.

We are unyielding in our resolve that FGM can end in this generation. Thus, in a bid to promote this vision, we engage in voluntary community outreach targeted at women and the girl child to ensure an ideological reorientation about the status of women in the society, and the general social value placed on women.

We want a world where women can fully participate in without any mental or elemental limitations and micro aggressions. Female Genital Circumcision constitutes a fundamental assault to the dignity of women.

We believe in the utility of discourse, debate, dialogue and advocacy, as vital tools and instruments for social integration and cohesion which will question the aspect of culture that upholds the barbaric practice of FGM.

We strive and remain dogged to this vision till every practice of Female Genital Mutilation has been done away with completely in Nigeria.

  • The programs carried out by our organization, in addition to the workshops we do, especially when invited by other organizations, include: Capacity Development for Sustainable Action and Change. This includes empowering the Gender Development team to provide trainings for schools, institutions and individuals within and outside the state; Weekly educational lessons for girls 10-18 years at the schools all over Calabar, and school and community-based lessons with girls and young females; Mentoring and internship programmes for girls and young females where a group of girls are assigned to a mentor, for the purpose of training, educational and moral assistance; Trainings for volunteers, students, and as many as are interested in attending the trainings etc; Paid technical training at public symposiums on invitation by sponsors; Inter-school Debate and Quiz competitions amongst schools in the state.

  • our campaigns are targeted at young females generally between the ages of 9 and 20, especially those who are still in Primary, Junior and High School. We provide them with training and knowledge aimed at bequeathing them with a new gender perspective for global social action. This is particularly important, because the gender stereotypes, which is mostly a justification for the oppression that women face, especially as regards FGM, eats deep into the cerebral inclinations of the girls, thus the necessity for the to get rid of the mental conditions that precede the elemental oppression.

Our Team

Kennedy C. Ekezie-Joseph

Executive Director
“Irrespective of their modes of rearing their ugly heads – either through FGM, forced Child marriage or inaccessibility to education, all manifestations of Female Oppression and sexist cultural undergird should fall. This is what we strive towards.”

Mirabelle Morah

Director of Operations
Mirabelle is a literary studies student. As the editor for she hopes young African writers would advocate for the girl child through their writings because every story is important. “To utter is to alter” -Niyi Osundare

Victorjasper Ikenna Chinyeaka

Project Finance Manager

Egemasi, Ozioma Temple

Media Director
“Temple studies Business Management at the University of Calabar. In a world with alarming levels of patriarchy, he believe the chalice can offer as much as the phallus, if not more.”


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